Loadout for Three Weeks In South America

South America Load Out

In a few days I am heading out for a three week trip to South America.  I am still keeping it relatively light by bringing just one fountain pen, a Chocolate Brown Pilot Vanishing Point with an “ItaliFine” nib by Richard Binder.  The ItaliFine gives you two points on one nib, a regular fine and a 0.9mm italic.  I am also bringing Hermes’ new Ebony (brown) ink cartridges.  The color is exclusive to Hermes; made for use with their (Pilot-produced) Nautilus fountain pen, and luckily these cartridges are compatible with the Vanishing Point.  I am carrying the Vanishing Point in a black leather Kingsley pen pouch.

My primary notebook is going to be a #12 FantasticPaper Color notebook from Germany (review to come).  I have my pack list and travel checklist in a blue floral Word. Notebook and I am carrying my travel documents in a Midori Traverler’s Notebook.  I have a Karas Kustoms Render K with a Pilot G2 refill in TN pen loop.

Finally, the three non-pen-related items are a Vostok Amphibian automatic watch, a 35mm Olympus XA2 camera and a Rimowa Topas Sport Trunk.


I am planning to continue posting about once a week.  I have some interesting reviews coming up so please stay tuned.

Danitrio Hakkaku
Danitrio Hakkaku
Hard Rubber Ohashido
Hard Rubber Ohashido
Old style faceted Namiki VP with a Pendleton Brown Butter Line Stub nib
Old style faceted Namiki VP with a Pendleton Brown Butter Line Stub nib

3 thoughts on “Loadout for Three Weeks In South America

      1. I have been to all four! I spent the most time in Argentina because I studied abroad there, but the other places were lovely also! I miss it so much. Very jealous. Hope you have a ton of fun! I’m sure you have a plan already but if you have any questions. Just ask!

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