Recent Acquisitions

Tibaldi Infrangibile (1940s)

Tibaldi Infrangibile fountain pen

Columbus 134 (1950s)

Columbus 134 Fountain Pen

Helios SILGA (1940s)

Helios SIGLA (1940s)

Aurora R.A. 3 Safety (1920s)

Aurora R.A. 3 Safety Fountain Pen

Aurora “Torino” (1940s)

Vintage Aurora Torino Fountain Pen

Aurora Optima (1930s)

Vintage Aurora Optima Fountain Pen


Pelikan 400 w/ OBB nib

Pelikan 400 Pelikan 400

OMAS Extra (1940s)

OMAS Extra 1940s

1938 OMAS Extra Lucens

1938 OMAS Extra Lucens

Ancora Lever Filler (1940s)

1940s Ancora Lever Fill Fountain Pen

OMAS Extra Lucens

OMAS Extra Lucens

Montblanc 136

Montblanc 136

Nettuno Export

Nettuno Export Fountain Pen

Soennecken 1 Extra

Soennecken 1 Extra

Montblanc 234 w/ alloy nib

Montblanc 234

Lamy Profil 81

Lamy Profil 81

1 thought on “Recent Acquisitions”

  1. Nicely done, indeed! The Omas Extra (40s) is beautiful. The 136 needs no intro, but the Soennekken’s I see in good conition, like yours, just sort of make me stop. You can just see so much evolving from those pens. Blake, do you mind if I ask the nib size on the 136? Thanks!
    ~ Jack


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