Lamy Peridot Fountain Pen Ink Review


In this 4K video I review Lamy Peridot Ink fountain pen ink. This green ink is named after the gemstone Peridot and is part of Lamy’s premium Crystal Ink Line. Lamy Peridot Ink

Products used in this video:

Peridot is a medium green ink that leans slightly towards blue. This ink is part of Lamy’s newer premium Crystal T53 ink line. Each ink in this collection is named after a different gemstone. 

Lamy Peridot Ink Swatch Comparison Fountain Pen Ink Green
Lamy Peridot Ink Swatch Comparison

Available only in 30ml bottles. The Crystal bottles have a more premium appearance with a metal cap and minimal printing on the glass bottle. Each bottle is 30ml and costs $16. This comes out to $0.53/ml, a little more than double Lamy’s standard ink at $0.24/ml. 

Lamy Peridot Crystal Ink Bottle
Lamy Peridot Ink Bottle

The first and only Lamy Crystal ink I have owned is Obsidian, a very rich black ink. Like Obsidian, Peridot has a dry flow. This did not cause performance issues in the pens I tested it with, a Lamy Pur with a fine nib and a Lamy Aion with a 1.9mm stub. The benefit of a dry ink should be a quick dry time and indeed Peridot drys quicker than average.

I do not have a way to test the viscosity of ink but compared to Obsidian, Peridot does not seem as thick in consistency and this is why I believe I saw more trouble free performance. 

The ink has no real sheen even when you dump ink down on the page. The amount of shading is average and I thought the ink looked best and more alive in the 1.9mm stub nib. The closest ink I have to it is Colorverse Spirit. Peridot does lean a bit more blue.

In the end, I didn’t love Peridot. It could be a good choice for someone that prefers quick drying ink but the color is not a wow and it does carry a premium price.