Pelikan Twist Shine Mystic Fountain Pen Review

In this 4K video I review the Pelikan Twist Shine Mystic Fountain. This budget fountain pen features a unique twisting design and purple and green iridescent finish.

Pelikan Twist Shine Mystic
Pelikan Twist Silver
Pelikan Twist Gold
Pelikan Twist Black

2 thoughts on “Pelikan Twist Shine Mystic Fountain Pen Review”

  1. Hi Blake, I seem to have a “no-name” Chinese pen that looks like the Pelican Twist. This pen is all black plastic with a twisted body, Lamy type section and nib. Writes surprisingly well and I use it when I travel so if lost or stolen, I could care less.

    • Hi Gino, thanks for the comment! There are lots of high quality and interesting Chinese pens out there. Where did you find the one that is similar to the Twist?


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