Rhodia DotPad Number 38 Review

Rhodia DotPad Number 38

Rhodia (and Clairefontaine) products have been a staple at my desk since middle school and there are not many formats I haven’t tried but the Rhodia DotPad # 38 and the Rhodia Clic Bloc mouse pad (review to come) fit the “new-to-me” criterion.

Rhodia DotPad Number 38

The #38 DotPad is the largest format top staple bound pad that Rhodia offers.  It measures 16 ½” x 12 ½ “ and contains 80 sheets of Rhodia’s classic 80 g paper.

Rhodia DotPad Number 38

I purchased the #38 because I am currently using the end of my dining room table as a makeshift desk while I am in the process of remodeling and I was getting tired of juggling my Rhodia Reverse pad with my keyboard.  Now I just sit the keyboard right on the #38 so that I don’t have to move my keyboard when I want to write a quick note.

#38 DotPad on my makeshift desk (dining room table) with keyboard and Aurora Optima.
#38 DotPad on my makeshift desk (dining room table) with keyboard and Aurora Optima.

The dot grid is the standard 5mm interval and Rhodia calls the dots “pale violet” in color but on the Black version that I have they look grey to me and are clearly different than the light purple color I see on my orange cover Reverse pads.  The paper is micro perforated so it is very easy to tear out a page.

Rhodia DotPad Number 38

Using Rhodia’s standard 80 g weight paper, this pad does very well with fountain pen ink.  Dry times are slower but tolerable and I use both sides of the paper without problem.  I have been using the pad for a while now and I really like it. With a retail price of $16 and a street price closer to $13 it’s an affordable notepad that I plan to make a staple in my new office.

RhodiaDot Pad Number 38

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