Hermes Nautilus Rollerball Pen!

After finishing a very nice meal in Osaka I received the bill and inside the folio I found an Hermes Nautilus.

The Nautilus is a capless pen produced by Pilot for Hermes and when it was released in October of last year for an eye-watering $1,670 USD I wrote it off (pun intended) as an overpriced Pilot Vanishing Point.

Well I was wrong…the pen amazed me to the point that I felt compelled to shoot a quick video of it:

[wpvideo 3jbB6jVM]

It really feels wonderful in hand and the mechanism is butter smooth.  The rollerball version I used is slightly cheaper at $1,380 USD but if you are going to spend that much money you might as well get the fountain pen.

I am quite smitten with this pen but $1,670 is simply too much.  If they did a Pilot branded version for half the price I would buy it.


Uni-Ball 5 Roller Ball Pen Review

Uni-Ball 5 Roller Ball Pen

The Uni-Ball 5 is a roller ball pen that I can find almost no information on.  I couldn’t find this pen on Mitsubishi’s (Uni) Japanese site ( nor on their US site nor on Google.  Here is what I do know:

I bought this pen from Itoya in Tokyo for 100 YEN (a bit less than a $1USD).  It is a roller ball with a 0.5mm point.  The ink is ultra smooth and fast drying.

Uni-Ball 5 Roller Ball Pen

I put the Uni-Ball 5 up again three other traditional roller balls, the Pilot V Ball, the Pilot Precise Rolling Ball, and the Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro (all 0.5mm).

Uni-Ball 5 Roller Ball Pen

The Uni-Ball 5 was the clear winner for me.  The lines are tight and sharp and it’s the smoothest writer out of all of them.  In terms of price its most clear competitor is the Pilot Precise Rolling Ball and comparing them more closely the Pilot had a more liquid and fluid feel where the Uni had a more viscous, thicker feel (though clearly a liquid ink).  I also found that the dry times for the Uni-Ball 5 were faster than that of the Pilot Precise.  With that said the Pilot Precise’s feel on paper is more unique and a bit more fun but objectively it really isn’t a better pen.

Uni-Ball 5 Roller Ball Pen

In short the Uni-Ball is the best writing disposable roller ball pen I have come across under $1.  I almost think I might like it better than the Ohto Graphic Liner.  I don’t know how to buy them in the USA, so if anyone out there knows of a place or has more information on this pen I would love to hear from you.

Morning Glory Mach 3 0.38mm Roller Ball Pen – Review

Morning Glory Mach 3

The Morning Glory Mach 3 is a disposable roller ball pen with a fine 0.38mm tip.  The Mach 3 writes with a crisp and clean line but it is not very smooth.  The ink is neither waterproof nor archival safe.  There is an ink level window on the pen body and the grip is made of a translucent plastic that lets you see the feed.  I like that the cap snaps onto the body when posted.  The look of this pen is pretty mediocre and the clip has rough edges that gives an air of cheapness.  At $2.00 the Mach 3 is well priced but for a little bit more you can have a much better pen such as the Pilot Hi-Tec-C and the Otho Graphic Liner.

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Itoya Paper Skater Gel Pen Review

Itoya Paperskater

The Itoya Paper Skater is one of my favorite non-fountain pens.  It features a low resistance gel ink rollerball refill in a simple plastic body.  The Paper Skater glides across the paper effortlessly and lays down a bold deep black line.  The plastic body is very clean and dignified without any ugly logos or barcodes.  The cap has a satisfying click and features Itoya’s signature elliptical clip.  The Paper Skater comes with a blue, black or white body a black 0.7mm refill.  I incorrectly stated in the written review that you can only get black refills; you can actually get blue, purple, green, and red; you just have to purchase them separately.  Also, you can fit the 1.0mm and 0.7mm Itoya AquaRoller refill in the Paper Skater.  If you don’t mind a thicker line I highly recommend the Paper Skater; it is a pleasure to use.


Itoya Paper Skater


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