Diamine Ancient Copper Fountain Pen Ink Review

Writing sample on Maruman Smooth To Write loose leaf paper.
Writing sample on Maruman Smooth To Write loose leaf paper

I have improved my review format for the writing sample to make it more informative.  I am now including a rating system for four key areas; the ratings are from one to five (five being the best).  Please let me know what you think.

I love red/orange brown inks and Diamine Ancient Copper is my new favorite.  My two other (now former) favorites in this category are Montblanc Red Chalk and Noodler’s Antietam.  Unlike Noodler’s Antietam, there are no issues with feathering and long dry times (on the papers I have tested) and unlike Montblanc Red Chalk, the flow is generous.  Ancient Copper shows excellent shading; it doesn’t get much better.   Dry time on this ink is on the faster side and it is not waterproof.

This ink changes quite a bit with different nib sizes; if you look at the writing sample you will see that with the Italix (1.3mm nib) the color is lighter and more orange, then compare to the Pilot (M nib) it looks darker and more red.

Overall, Ancient Copper is a beautiful, well behaved ink.  I highly recommend it.

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Montblanc Leonardo da Vinci Red Chalk Fountain Pen Ink Review

Montblanc Red Chalk

Montblanc Red Chalk

The Montblanc Leonardo da Vinci Red Chalk is a limited edition ink that was introduced with the Montblanc da Vinci fountain pen.  The 30ml bottle is the same standard ink bottle I have seen with the other inks in the Montblanc “Great Characters” series.  The color is a nice reddish brown color that to me looks a bit like a darker version Noodler’s Antietam.  I have not see any issues with feathering or bleed through on the papers I have tested the ink with so far.  There is a good amount of shading and saturation so I am not sure why it’s called “Red Chalk”.  The flow is a little on the dry side but it’s not dry enough to prevent me from using the ink.  Dry time is about average and the ink is not waterproof.  Overall I really like this ink.  I am going to have to try and get another bottle before they sell out.

Montblanc Red Chalk