Pelikan Fine Leather Black Triple Pen Pouch Review

Pelikan 3 Pen Pouch

Up until now I have been carrying my larger and more expensive pens in single pen pouches.  I would carry two to three pouches at a time which was cumbersome; I finally broke down and bought a Pelikan 3 pen pouch.  I have been using a Pelikan Fine Leather Black Triple Pen Pouch every day for about a month now and I quite like it.  I spent a good amount of time looking for a quality case that really protects pens.  I had originally wanted a Montblanc pen pouch but after looking at it, I knew that it wasn’t right.  The main issue I found with the Montblanc case (apart from the $180 price tag) was the fact that the dividers stopped about halfway down the case; this in my opinion is a design flaw that would allow the bottom of the pens to knock into each other.  So after doing a bit more research I found that the Pelikan case would accommodate larger pens and had dividers that run the length of the case.

Pelikan 3 Pen Pouch

The Pelikan pouch is made out of a soft leather (softer than the Montblanc case) and comes in black with a green strap or black with a black strap.  Each case has the Pelikan logo embossed on the strap.  The leather is of good quality, however, it is not as nice as the leather Montblanc uses but for $35 the Pelikan case is of excellent quality.  I don’t know where the case is made but I cannot find any flaws in its construction; every thing is cleanly cut and sewn.  It’s clear that this case was carefully made.  The interior of the flap is leather and the inside of the case seems to be some sort of felt sort of felt.

Pelikan 3 Pen Pouch

Top to bottom: OMAS Ogiva, Montblanc 149, Aurora Optima
Top to bottom: OMAS Ogiva, Montblanc 149, Aurora Optima

Compared to the Montblanc case pens do fit a bit more snugly.  I can easily fit my Montblanc 149, 146, and Aurora Optima into the case but it is a tight fit.  If you want to fit three 149s the Pelikan case is not for you.  Also the top of the pens that the flap covers are not protected much on the side.  I carry my case in a backpack or briefcase without issue.

Pelikan 3 Pen Pouch

When the case has more normal sized pens in it the flap comes down further.
When the case has more normal sized pens in it the flap comes down further.

Overall I am really satisfied with this case and highly recommend it.

Pilot Ageless Future Gel Pen Review

Pilot Ageless Pen - tip position 1 - fully retracted
Pilot Ageless Pen – tip position 1 – fully retracted

The Pilot Ageless line comprises high quality pens with a patented two staged twist mechanism that completely retracts the pen tip.  They come in two flavors: gel and ballpoint (the refills are not interchangeable).  There are two barrel options that come in a variety of colors, the Future has a metal barrel with a silver grip section and the Presence has a plastic body with a translucent grey grip section.

Pilot Ageless Future - Tip position 2.
Pilot Ageless Future – tip position 2
Pilot Ageless Future - tip position 3
Pilot Ageless Future – tip position 3

The design of the pen is nice and clean and is great for pockets as the tip completely retracts; no more getting stabbed by your pen.  I like the Carbon Grey body of the Future which looks and feels high quality.  The clip is small but strong.  The Future is nicely weighted without being too heavy.

The Ageless Gel is one of the smoothest gel pens I have used.  The refills only come in fine 0.7mm with blue or black ink and they aren’t that cheap; a pack of 12 costs $37 (about $3 a refill).  The fine 0.7mm line is on the fatter side and the ink doesn’t look that sharp but I do enjoy writing with this pen and I can’t say that about many gel pens.  The pen comes in a white tube which works as a storage box as well as a pen stand.  The Pilot Ageless Future Gel makes a really nice gift for someone who wants a great everyday pen.

Pilot Ageless Future Gel Pen

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