Field Notes Ambition Notebook Review

Field Notes Ambition

“Ambition” is the 25th release in the Field Notes Colors series of limited edition notebooks.

Field Notes Ambition

The three pack contains a datebook, ledger and memo book.

Field Notes Ambition

Let me say right off the bat that I do not have any use for a datebook or a ledger and I would have liked more memo books in any of the standard formats (dot grid, blank, lined, etc…).  That aside, I think this is one of the very best Colors editions.

Field Notes Ambition

I love the subdued covers with gold embossed logos, gold colored staples, and gold leaf gilded edges.  These books are nice.  Field Notes Ambition

The paper holds up to fountain pen ink quite well though thicker and juicer pens will bleed through.

Some bleed through and ghosting but not bad at all by Field Notes' standards.
Some bleed through and ghosting but not bad at all by Field Notes’ standards.

I hope the Field Notes decides to make the Ambition memo book part of their permanent line.  I would happily pay a premium for it over the standard memo book.



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