Field Notes Unexposed Edition First Look

Field Notes Unexposed Edition

Here is the top secret outer cover of Field Notes’ most recent limited edition….plain black and nondescript.

Field Notes Unexposed Edition

I opened the package and MY EYES!  So bold! So intense!  They are all color wheel near opposites.

Field Notes Unexposed Edition

The interiors feature a reverse color scheme which is even harder on my eyes to look at than the covers.  My first impression is negative…the covers are just too bright.

4 thoughts on “Field Notes Unexposed Edition First Look

  1. I’m with you – if I had waited to see what the covers looked like from bloggers like yourself, I wouldn’t have purchased this set. Unfortunately, I was impatient and impulsive.

    This seems much more like a summer collection and nothing like a fall set. Neon colors? This may be my least favorite color collection they’ve released yet. The ‘top secret’ outer cover just comes off as gimmicky – it has no relation to the colors of the notebooks themselves. It seems like they just threw that in there last minute.

    1. I think they must of made them and realized that they were terrible. Being the marketing geniuses they are they devised a way to sell them to people without them knowing what they were buying.

      Perhaps others will like them….they could be good for road construction laborers or crossing guards as they compliment high visibility jackets.

      1. I wonder! I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. It’s interesting, because even the video introducing the edition makes the ‘unexposed’ part seem like an afterthought. The blurring out of the notebook and the bleeping seems cheesy and out of place.

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