Kaweco Allrounder Fountain Pen Quick Review

Kaweco Allrounder

At the moment there is only one pen in Kaweco’s current line up that I truly do not like the looks of and it’s the Allrounder.  Kaweco draws upon its history to recreate past pens and this works quite well most of the time.

The Allrounder comes from a 1950’s design that is “modernized” with a matte aluminum body.  For me it doesn’t work.   The body is swollen and plain.  The more classic looking Kaweco DIA2 features the same body shape in plastic but features more embellishments that give the pen a much more elegant and polished look.

Kaweco Allrounder

Kaweco uses the same sized Bock nib you get on a Kaweco Sport on the Allrounder and it proportionally looks too small for the body.  The performance of the extra fine nib was excellent.  No skipping or hard starting to speak of.

Kaweco Allrounder

The overall construction of the Allrounder is very good.  No issues in build quality.

Kaweco Allrounder

The pen is comfortable to write with uncapped as it has a nice long grip section.  With the pen posted the balance is pretty top heavy, so I wouldn’t recommend posting this pen.  The Allrounder weighs approximately 32 grams and feels solid in hand.  Capped the pen measures about 5.25″, 4.75″ uncapped about a bout 6.25″ posted.

Kaweco Allrounder

The Allrounder comes with a converter and a nicer box than a basic Kaweco Sport but is it really worth its $100+ price tag?  The answer for me is no.  All you materially gain over the Sport is an ugly aluminum body and some cheap accessories.  If Kaweco had given the Allrounder an upgraded nib or added a piston filler there would be more to talk about here.

Bottom-line: Ugly body aside, the Allrounder delivers too little to justify its $106 price tag.

Please note: this product was provided to me at no charge by Kaweco for review purposes.

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