Welcome to The Unroyal Warrant!

This page is for those of us whom work at a desk, love pens and believe in retail therapy.  I work long hours in a grey cubical, a shared cubical, and I have found that the little things make all the difference.

By exploring combinations of pens, paper, and inks I have created a fantastic getaway for myself without having to leave my cube.  While I have deeply enjoyed keeping this little getaway to myself, it is time that I share this destination with others.

Please join me on an adventure into the world of pens…and whatever objects (shiny or otherwise) catch my eye along the way.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Unroyal Warrant!”

  1. Well, I started at the top of your blog four hours ago and..here I am. With the sheer amount of stationary you possess, would you still say that the Platinum 3776 offers the best (nib) writing experience for the money?

    I look forward to your future reviews! /subscribed

    • Thank you for your comment Thomas! For me the 3776 is one of the very best values for money in terms of pure writing experience especially if you want a solid gold nib. I would also consider the Pilot Custom 74 (even though it may not be as well proportioned), the nibs are right up there with Platinums.


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